Applications of Network Theory: From Mechanisms to Large-Scale Structure

Petter Holme (Coputational Biology), Petter Minnhagen (Umeå University)
The main idea is to convene key world-class researchers on complex networks and let them interact freely with the Nordic groups interested in the area. The program will be divided into four thematic areas: biological networks, general network theory, technological networks, and social networks. Many of the intended participants are interested in several of these points. Much progress in network theory has been made by analogies from different fields, and complex-network researchers value this, therefore we believe such a schedule will not seem unattractive to participants. In addition to the regular schedule during the Nordita program, of one or two talks per day, we will arrange a more intense, three day workshop April 7-9. One purpose of this workshop, is to attract researchers not able to stay the extended time required by the program.
  • Alcides Viamontes Esquivel
  • Andrea Lancichinetti
  • Atieh Mirshahvalad
  • Beom Jun Kim
  • Bo Söderberg
  • Daril Vilhena
  • Elizabeth Leicht
  • Fariba Karimi
  • Fredrik Liljeros
  • Jan Ohst
  • Jari Saramäki
  • Jeppe Søgaard Juul
  • Jevin West
  • Joachim Mathiesen
  • Juyong Park
  • Kimmo Kaski
  • Linus Bengtsson
  • Luis Enrique Correa Rocha
  • Martin Rosvall
  • Naoki Masuda
  • Petter Holme
  • Petter Minnhagen
  • Renaud Lambiotte
  • Sang Hoon Lee
  • Sebastian Bernhardsson
  • Sergey Dorogovtsev
  • Seung Ki Baek
  • Sune Lehmann
  • Sungmin Lee
  • Thilo Gross
  • Veronica Ramenzoni
  • Xin Lu
  • Zhi-Xi Wu