2nd Nordic Workshop on Statistical Physics: Biological, Complex and Non-equilibrium Systems

132:028 (Nordita)



Alberto Imparato (Aarhus), Hans Fogedby (Aarhus), Ralf Eichhorn (Nordita)


Nordita, situated in the AlbaNova University Center in Stockholm, Sweden


The workshop is intended to bring together scientists from the Nordic countries working on non-equilibrium statistical physics with application to biological and complex systems. A similar workshop has been held in March 2010, which has been a very lively and successful event. In continuing with a second workshop we hope to establish a closer connections between those Nordic scientists and to possibly initiate new collaborations. The subjects covered during the workshop will range from biophysical topics, biological and genetic networks to transport phenomena under non-equilibrium conditions, and computer simulations.


Mikko Alava
Tobias Ambjörnsson
Johan Elf
Petter Holme
Anders Irbäck
Supriya Krishnamurthy
Michael A. Lomholt
Jani Lukkarinen
Ralf Metzler
Namiko Mitarai
Martin Nilsson Jacobi
Simone Pigolotti
Giulia Rossi
Martin Rosvall
Yasser Roudi
Paolo Sibani
Kim Sneppen
Mats Wallin
Olli Yli-Harja

Registration deadline: 20 February 2011