Explosive Ideas about Massive Stars - from Observations to Modeling

Oskar Klein (AlbaNova University Center)

Oskar Klein

AlbaNova University Center

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The goal of this workshop is to focus on recent progress in research of core-collapse supernovae, circumstellar interaction in cosmic explosions and supernova remnants, with an emphasis on linking models to observations. Contributions will be in the form of invited talks and posters. Registration will include an evening boat cruise with dinner in the Stockholm archipelago. The late registration has now started.
Confirmed invited speakers (by 2011-08-02) are:
  • E. Berger (CfA, Harvard)
  • J. Blondin (North Carolina State Univ.)
  • N. Bucciantini (NORDITA)
  • A. Burrows (Princeton Univ.)
  • I. Cherchneff (Basel)
  • R. Chevalier (Univ. of Virginia)
  • N. Chugai (INASAN, Moscow)
  • T. Dahlen (STScI)
  • L. Dessart (Marseille)
  • V. Dwarkadas (Univ. of Chicago)
  • R. Fesen (Dartmouth College)
  • K. France (Univ. of Colorado)
  • C. Fransson (Stockholm)
  • M. Fraser (Belfast)
  • A. Gal-Yam (Weizmann Institute of Science)
  • A. Heger (Univ. of Minnesota)
  • K. Heng (ETH Zürich)
  • H.-T. Janka (MPI, Garching)
  • A. Jerkstrand (Stockholm)
  • R. Kirshner (CfA, Harvard)
  • K. Kjaer (Belfast)
  • O. Krause (MPI, Heidelberg)
  • S. Kulkarni (Caltech)
  • J. Larsson (Stockholm)
  • B. Leibundgut (ESO, Garching)
  • P. Lundqvist (Stockholm)
  • M. Matsuura (Univ. College London)
  • M. Modjaz (Columbia Univ.)
  • E. Müller (MPI, Garching)
  • E. Nakar (Tel Aviv)
  • S. Ng (McGill Univ.)
  • K. Nomoto(Univ. of Tokyo)
  • S. Park (Univ. of Texas, Arlington)
  • A. Pastorello (Belfast)
  • B. Schmidt (MSO, Australian National Univ.)
  • S. Smartt (Belfast)
  • A. Soderberg (CfA, Harvard)
  • J. Sollerman (Stockholm)
  • M. Stritzinger (Stockholm)
  • F. Thielemann (Basel)

Scientific Organizing Committee: Local Organizing Committee:
  • R. Chevalier (Univ. of Virginia; Co-chair)
  • A. Filippenko (Berkeley)
  • R. Kirshner (CfA, Harvard)
  • B. Leibundgut (ESO, Garching)
  • P. Lundqvist (Stockholm; Co-chair)
  • R. McCray (Univ. of Colorado)
  • G. Östlin (Stockholm)
  • B. Schmidt (MSO, Australian National Univ.)
  • A. Soderberg (Harvard, CfA)

  • S. Åberg (Stockholm)
  • M. Ergon (Stockholm)
  • S. Gelato (Stockholm)
  • A. Jerkstrand (Stockholm)
  • J. Larsson (Stockholm)
  • N. Lundqvist (Stockholm)
  • P. Lundqvist (Stockholm)
  • G. Östlin (Stockholm)
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