Nordita Summer School 2008 on De Sitter Cosmology



Stefan Hofmann (Nordita), Torsten Bringmann (SU Fysikum), Øystein Elgarøy (University of Oslo)

This school is the anchor in a series of schools organized by Nordita that complement university education and provide direct contact to field leaders in selected research areas, heading towards deep impact research activities. While open to any interested PhD student (or postdoc in an early stage of its career), it is primarily intended as a service to the nordic young academic community, thus directly aiming at one of Nordita's main goals according to the nordic research council. PhD students from the nordic countries are therefore particularly encouraged to apply.

Topics and lecturers 2008

Furthermore, it is planned to have a one-day pre-school with a short introduction to general relativity and the concordance model of cosmology, in order to help participants that have not taken graduate courses in these subjects to follow the school.

Format of the lectures

Each of the lectures covers roughly the equivalent of a one semester course, guiding the students to a state-of-the art understanding of the topic. The format will be a seminar style with blackboard presentations and an emphasis on detailed derivations; the informal atmosphere is intended to strongly encourage feedback from the audience and to further close interactions with the lecturers. At the end of the school, students will receive a confirmation for their (active) participation.


  • Torsten Bringmann (Stockholm University)
  • Øystein Elgarøy (University of Oslo)
  • Stefan Hofmann (Nordita)

The green area in the foreground is Hagaparken with lake Brunsviken. The round building near the left edge of the picture is AlbaNova, next to which you can find Nordita.
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