Stochastic Thermodynamics



Erik Aurell (KTH), Ralf Eichhorn (Nordita)


Nordita, Stockholm, Sweden


Stochastic Thermodynamics represents an exciting new research direction in statistical physics, which explores fundamental aspects of non-equilibrium processes. The developments summarized under this term may be characterized by the common idea to adapt and generalize concepts from equilibrium thermodynamics to the non-equilibrium realm, typically on the level of single particle trajectories monitored over the entire system evolution. This approach has proven to be quite powerful and produced results of remarkable generality —e.g. so-called fluctuation theorems— connecting the system behavior when driven out of equilibrium with its equilibrium properties. This program intends to bring together the experts in the field in order to discuss open questions and new ideas in a lively and intensive atmosphere provided at Nordita.


We aim at having two presentations per day with plenty of time for discussions and project work in a relaxed atmosphere.

Confirmed Participants

  • Antonio Celani, Institut Pasteur, Paris
  • Sergio Ciliberto, University of Lyon
  • Bart Cleuren, Hasselt University
  • Eddy Cohen, Rockefeller University
  • Massimiliano Esposito, Luxembourg University
  • Krzysztof Gawedzki, ENS Lyon
  • Ryoichi Kawai, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Jorge Kurchan, University of Paris
  • David Lacoste, ESPCI, Paris
  • Katja Lindenberg, University of California, San Diego
  • Juan Parrondo, Madrid University
  • Jukka Pekola, Aalto University School of Science
  • Felix Ritort, University of Barcelona
  • Lamberto Rondoni, Politecnico di Torino
  • Shin-ichi Sasa, Unversity of Tokio
  • Udo Seifert, Stuttgart University
  • Angelo Vulpiani, Universita di Roma "La Sapienza", Rome


Application for participation in the program is closed.

A minimum stay of one working week is required and we encourage participants to stay for the whole two-weeks period of the program.

There is no conference fee.

Travel Reimbursement

PhD students and young Postdoc fellows are eligible for travel grants to participate in the program. If you are interested in such a grant, please mark the corresponding field in the application form, briefly summarize your interest in the program in the comments field, and indicate an estimation of your expected travel expenses. Since only a limited number of grants is available, decision concerning the grants will be made on a case-by-case basis and you will be notified shortly after the application deadline.


Nordita provides a limited number of rooms in the Stockholm apartment hotel BizApartments free of charge for accepted program participants, who stay at least one week.

Sponsored by:


  • Aki Kutvonen
  • Alberto Imparato
  • Alexander Balatsky
  • Alexander Mozeika
  • Angelo Vulpiani
  • Antonio Celani
  • Arnab Pal
  • Astrid S. de Wijn
  • Bart Cleuren
  • Carlos Mejia-Monasterio
  • Claudia Battistin
  • Daniel Rings
  • Dario Villamaina
  • David LACOSTE
  • E.G.D. Cohen
  • Edwin Langmann
  • Erik Aurell
  • Felix Ritort
  • Gatien Verley
  • Gino Del Ferraro
  • Göran Lindblad
  • Ingemar Bengtsson
  • Irene Donato
  • Jorge Kurchan
  • Juan MR Parrondo
  • Jukka Pekola
  • Katja Lindenberg
  • Kiyoshi Kanazawa
  • Krzysztof Gawedzki
  • Kyogo Kawaguchi
  • Lamberto Rondoni
  • Léo Granger
  • Marcus-Alexander Assmann
  • Martin Rosinberg
  • Massimiliano Esposito
  • Matteo Polettini
  • Mikko Vehkaperä
  • Mélanie ROLLES
  • Natalia Golubeva
  • Nicolas Innocenti
  • Paolo De Gregorio
  • Ralf Eichhorn
  • Roman Belousov
  • Ryoichi Kawai
  • Rémi Lemoy
  • Samu Suomela
  • Sergio Ciliberto
  • Shin-ichi Sasa
  • Sorin Tanase Nicola
  • Stefano Bo
  • Takahiro Nemoto
  • Timo Koski
  • Tobias Brett
  • Udo Seifert
  • Yohei Nakayama