Extended Theories of Gravity

132:028 (Nordita, Stockholm)


Nordita, Stockholm

David Fonseca Mota (University of Oslo), Fawad Hassan (Fysikum), Kari Enqvist (Helsinki Institute of Physics), Lavinia Heisenberg, Tomi Koivisto (Nordita)

A conference on modified gravity and cosmology, March 9-13

A range of topics will be covered in gravitation and cosmology. We hope that the status of all the most important approaches to modifying gravity will be reviewed, the latest research results will be presented and bold new ideas will be put forward! Cosmological aspects are to be discussed extensively, from the problem of the dark sector today via CMB and LSS to the physics of the early universe, inflation and before.

The conference is held within the framework of the 3-week Nordita program Extended Theories of Gravity.

The program

Various quantum & classical and theoretical & observational aspects of generalised gravity theories will be considered during this three-week program. The emphasis will be on massive and bimetric gravity and other consistent extensions of General Relativity. We plan to have one or two talks per day with plenty of time for discussions in a relaxed atmosphere.

During the second week of the program however, we will have a 5-day conference with more participants and more talks. There will be some emphasis on cosmology on extended theories of gravity. Thus take note: a conference on modified gravity cosmology 9-13 March 2015 !


Nordita, Stockholm, Sweden


The cosmological constant and the physics behind dark energy that accelerates the expansion of the universe remain among the biggest mysteries in theoretical physics. An intriguing possibility is that these problems stem from extrapolating Einstein's General relativity from the Solar system to the far infrared cosmological scales. In the other extreme, at the ultraviolet regime Einstein's theory encounters notorious infinities resulting in spacetime singularities and obstacles to quantisation, which suggest new gravitational physics with possible repercussions to early universe physics. The program will bring together experts in various aspects of gravity and cosmology, enabling to establish new links between fundamental physics and cosmological and astrophysical experiments from the fruitful interface of extended theories of gravity.

The main themes will include
  • Cosmology
  • Massive and bimetric theories
  • Nonlocal theories
  • Screening modifications of gravity
  • Vector-tensor theories



If you have been invited for participation in the program, please fill in the application form specifying the dates you expect to be able to attend. Ghosts are not invited in this science program. Thank you!

Note that the cosmology and gravity conference is open to everyone. Interested participants are welcome to apply for a longer stay during the program as well! We however cannot fund your visit. - Look for help on finding accommodation and other possibly useful info from the links to the left.


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