Stochastic Thermodynamics in Biology

132:028 (Nordita, Stockholm)


Nordita, Stockholm

Astrid de Wijn (Stockholm University) , Erik Aurell (KTH) , Ralf Eichhorn (Nordita)


Nordita, Stockholm, Sweden


"Stochastic Thermodynamics" represents an exciting new research direction in statistical physics, which explores fundamental aspects of non-equilibrium processes. The developments summarized under this term may be characterized by the common idea to adapt and generalize concepts from equilibrium thermodynamics to the non-equilibrium realm, typically on the level of single particle trajectories monitored over the entire system evolution. This approach has proven to be quite powerful and produced results of remarkable generality, e.g. the so-called fluctuation theorems. This program intends to gather the world-leading experts in a lively and intensive atmosphere provided at Nordita, in order to discuss recent advances in Stochastic Thermodynamics and to explore the possibilities of applying the tools of Stochastic Thermodynamics to open questions in biological systems, mainly on the cellular and molecular level.


[Timetable - available from start of the program]


The main objective is to create a lively and fruitful atmosphere of research and mutual interactions, and to initiate new collaborations. We have in mind an intensive and focused program with two presentations per day, one in the mornings and one in the (early) afternoon, highlighting recent exciting results, open problems or unsolved puzzles, that may serve as "condensation nuclei" for subsequent discussion session and project work in the periods in between and after the talks.


If you want to apply for participation in the program, please fill in the application form. You will be informed by the organizers shortly after the application deadline whether your application has been approved. Due to space restrictions, the total number of participants is strictly limited. (Invited speakers are of course automatically approved, but need to register anyway.)

Application deadline: 15 July 2015

A minimum stay of one working week is required and we encourage participants to stay for a period of at least two weeks.

There is no registration fee.

Travel Reimbursement

PhD students and young Postdoc fellows are eligible for travel grants to participate in the program. If you are interested in such a grant, please mark the corresponding field in the application form, briefly summarize your interest in the program in the comments field, and indicate an estimation of your expected travel expenses. Since only a limited number of grants is available, decision concerning the grants will be made on a case-by-case basis and you will be notified shortly after the application deadline.


Nordita provides rooms for accepted participants free of charge. Most participants will be accommodated at the Stockholm apartment hotel BizApartments, but there are also a few rooms available at Wallquistska Guesthouse, or at Matsällskapet.

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  • Abbas Ali Saberi
  • Alberto Imparato
  • Andre Cardoso Barato
  • Angelo Vulpiani
  • Antonio Celani
  • Artur Wachtel
  • Bart Cleuren
  • Bernard Derrida
  • David Lacoste
  • Debra Bernhardt (nee Searles)
  • Dhrubaditya Mitra
  • Felix Ritort
  • Giovanni Dematteis
  • Hanieh Moghaddasi
  • Harri Mökkönen
  • Henrik Sandberg
  • Johan Sjögren
  • Jordan Horowitz
  • Karolis Misiunas
  • Ketan Goyal
  • Marcelo A. Dias
  • Matteo Polettini
  • Michael Lomholt
  • Nadezhda Bunzarova
  • Namiko Mitarai
  • Naoto Shiraishi
  • Ofer Biham
  • Priyo Shankar Pal
  • Raffaele Marino
  • Riccardo Rao
  • Rosemary Harris
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  • Sreekanth Kizhakkumpurath Manikandan
  • Stefano Bo
  • Supriya Krishnamurthy
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