Workshop on the scientific opportunities of a THz-FEL in Sweden

AlbaNova University Center Stockholm, Sweden

AlbaNova University Center Stockholm, Sweden

Mats Larsson
The main goal of the envisioned light source is to provide the Swedish research community with a first domestic THz FEL combined with an X-ray source. This will present a unique opportunity for time-resolved pump(THz)-probe(X-ray) measurements and make it an advanced instrument for multi-disciplinary research in physics, chemistry and bio-medicine. Electron bunches are accelerated in an RF linac to an energy of 10-20 MeV and compressed to a pulse length of 1-10 ps. These bunches are then used for generation of soft X-ray pulses, before they are sent through a bending arc and finally to the THz FEL oscillator.
A THZ FEL complemented with an X-ray source
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