Integrability in Gauge and String Theories 2019

Wallenbergsalen (Kräftriket, Stockholm)


Kräftriket, Stockholm

Dmytro Volin (Nordita), Henrik Johansson (Uppsala University), Joseph Minahan (Uppsala University), Konstantin Zarembo (Nordita), Michelangelo Preti (Nordita), Monica Guica (IPhT, Saclay), Olof Ohlsson Sax (Nordita), Valentina Giangreco Marotta Puletti (University of Iceland)


Wallenbergsalen, Business School of Stockholm University, Kräftriket campus (Kräftriket 3A).


The conference will cover cutting-edge non-perturbative methods in quantum field theory, as well as mathematical aspects of integrability and its more traditional applications in condensed-matter physics and statistical mechanics. Solvable models play crucial role in theoretical physics, as they illustrate general concepts in a simpler setting and provide insights into the qualitative features of more complex phenomena. Key to the fundamental constituents of matter, gauge fields proved difficult to understand beyond perturbation theory, in the regime without a small parameter. Integrable models of gauge interactions provide an insight into genuine non-perturbative phenomena at any coupling strength. Their intimate connection to string theory and holographic duality makes these models invaluable tools in studying gauge interactions in the non-perturbative domain and in exploring their links to quantum gravity and string theory.

The conference is succeeded by a related event, Holographic QCD.


Benjamin Basso, Vladimir Bazhanov, Olalla Castro Alvaredo, Andrea Cavagliá, Frank Coronado, Sergey Derkachov, Lorenz Eberhardt, Nikolay Gromov, Igor Klebanov, Shota Komatsu, Igor Krichever, Pedro Liendo, Dalimil Mazac, Stefano Negro, Rafael Nepomechie, Enrico Olivucci, Raul Pereira, Valentina Petkova, Leonardo Rastelli, Radu Roiban, Paul Ryan, Diego Trancanelli, Stijn van Tongeren, Pedro Vieira, Yifan Wang, Xi Yin

Advisory Board

V. Kazakov, C. Kristjansen, N. Nekrasov, D. Serban, A. Sever, M. Staudacher


V. Giangreco Marotta Puletti, M. Guica, H. Johansson, J. Minahan, O. Ohlsson Sax, M. Preti, D. Volin, K. Zarembo

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