Quantum Fluids

Anders Karlhede (SU Fysikum) , Egor Babaev , Frank Wilczek (Nordita) , Hans Thors Hansson (SU Fysikum) , Mats Wallin (KTH) , Susanne Viefers (SU Fysikum)
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A program at Nordita in Stockholm co-organized with Fysisk institutt, Oslo University.

The program is over, see photos at the following link

Focus: Quantum fluids: Bose-Einstein Condensates, Supersolids, Quantum Hall Systems, exotic states such as projected quantum fluid states of metallic hydrogen, topological defects and vortex matter in quantum fluids.

Organizers: Egor Babaev, Hans Hansson, Anders Karlhede, Susanne Viefers, Mats Wallin and Frank Wilczek.

International participants: Sasha Balatsky (LANL), Leon Balents (UCSB), Vadim Cheianov (Lancaster), Eduardo Fradkin (UIUC) , Jainendra Jain (Penn State) , Kazu Machida (Okayama), Joel Moore (Berkley), Leo Radzikhovsky (Colorado), Sankar Das Sarma (Maryland) , Boris Svistunov (UMassAmherst), Anatoly Kuklov(CUNY), Dam Thanh Son (Seattle), Edouard Sonin (Jerusalem), Martin Speight (Leeds), Zlatko Tesanovic (John's Hopkins), Frank Wilczek (MIT), Ashvin Vishwanath (Berleky), Shoucheng Zhang (Stanford).

General Information

The program will be made during the summer - PLEASE inform us about your exact dates and when you would prefer to give your talk.


All participants are asked to fill in the registration form! In principle the workshop is fully booked, but the budget is not finalized so there might still be a chance to participate - contact the organizers.


Please email title and abstract and duration of your talk to the organizers as soon as possible.



Accomodation will be in hotels or in centrally located apartements in the districts of Östermalm, and Södermalm.


There are many lunch restaturants close to AlbaNova and in the vicinity of the hotels and appartments where you will stay. We will provide a list of some recommended places.

Contact the organizers

[Original Program web page: www.nordita.org/~qf2007]

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