Molecular Physics seminar

The Mini-Ring: a compact electrostatic storage ring

by Jérôme Bernard (University of Lyon)

FA 31 ()

FA 31

Since the pioneering development of the first electrostatics storage ring (ESR) in Aarhus (ELISA) and the first electrostatic ion beam trap (EIBT) in Weizmann Institute of Revohot, the field of electrostatic storage devices has grown rapidly. Several ESR now been built in other countries and many are in the building phase. Compared to magnetic rings the ESRs present some advantages: compactness, low cost, low power consumption, storage conditions independent of the mass of the circulating ions... In Lyon, we have designed a very compact, low cost ESR, so-called Mini-Ring, whose conception is based on an analogy with optical ring cavities. In this seminar, the basic conception ideas, ion trajectory simulations and the commissioning of the Mini-Ring will be presented. Results of tests experiments, future developments and possible experiments will also be discussed.