Molecular Physics seminar

Studies of molecular reaction dynamics using a cryogenic electrostatic ion beam trap

by Robert Continetti (University of California San Diego)

FB41 ()


In this talk the application of photoelectron-photofragment coincidence techniques to the study of transient species starting from negative ion precursors will be reviewed, with a focus on our recent studies of the intermediate radical in the oxidation of CO by the hydroxyl radical: OH + CO → HOCO → H + CO2. Using a cryogenically cooled electrostatic ion beam trap we have been able to produce cold HOCO¯ precursor anions and gain significant experimental insights into the spectroscopy of HOCO and the tunneling dynamics from the HOCO radical well to produce H + CO2 products through studies of photodetachment and dissociative photodetachment of the precursor anion. These results, complementary theoretical studies as well as current efforts to prepare vibrationally excited precursor anions will be presented. This work was supported by the U.S. DOE under grant DE-FG03-98ER14879