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Molecular Physics seminar

A method for extracting the resonance parameters from experimental cross sections

by Sergei Rakitianski (Department of Physics, University of Pretoria)

Within the proposed method, a set of experimental data points are fitted using a multi-channel S-matrix. Then the resonance parameters are located as its poles on an appropriate sheet of the Riemann surface of the energy. The main advantage of the method is that the S-matrix is constructed in such a way that it has proper analytic structure, i.e. for any number of two-body channels, the branching at all the channel thresholds is represented via exact analytic expressions in terms of the channel momenta. The way the S-matrix is constructed makes it possible not only to locate multi-channel resonances but also to extract their partial widths as well as to obtain the scattering cross-section in the channels for which no data are available. The efficiency of the method is demonstrated by two model examples of a single-channel and a two-channel problems, where known resonance parameters are rather accurately reproduced by fitting the pseudo-data artificially generated using the corresponding potentials.