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SMC Colloquium

Critical Multiplicative Chaos

by Antti Kupiainen (University of Helsinki)

Oskar Klein auditorium ()

Oskar Klein auditorium


Multiplicative chaos is a theory developed by Kahane in the eighties. It deals with multiplicative processes generating random measures with nontrivial multi fractal properties. These measures have recently played prominent role in models of two-dimensional quantum gravity. They provide also simple models of spin glass phase transition which occurs as a model parameter (“temperature”) is varied.

I will review the basic theory of multiplicative chaos and discuss some recent results on the critical and low temperature phase. About the speaker

Antti Kupiainen heads to research in Mathematical Physics at Helsinki University. He is interested in turbulence, statistical mechanics, and stochastic geometry. His pioneering research has been rewarded with several grants, including the ERC Advanced Grant.