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CBN (Computational Biology and Neurocomputing) seminars

Imagining Data

by David Pirro, Gerhard Eckel, Michael Schwab

Fantum (Fantum)



Lindstedtsvägen 24, plan 5
Three artists spent the last few months looking at data generated in KTH’s Lansner Lab. As far as the science is concerned, the artists are pretty ignorant; however, they claim that this ignorance (and hard labour) might help them to see and hear things in the data that may be of interest. At the very least, they offer an experience of the data that may fuel the imagination. This seminar is part artistic presentation and part feedback and discussion round so as to jointly evaluate what it is that will be experienced. Since all data is algorithmically transformed (they use amongst other things a dynamic system for the representation of higher dimensional data), all phenomena can in principle be traced back to the data – or to artefacts that have been inscribed. The artists are funded by the Austrian Science Fund. Their research project is called ‘Transpositions. Algorithmic Data Exploration’. It investigates the possibility of generating new auditory and visual forms based on the analysis and mathematical transformation of scientific data. In addition, the project studies whether and how these new forms are of scientific significance by asking the collaborating researchers to scientifically analyze the artistic outputs. By remaining true to the data while employing an artistic working method and, thus, by combining scientific and artistic values, the project hopes to contribute to the conceptual development of a space for research that is shared between art and science.