Astronomy Seminars

Realistic Simulations of Solar Dynamics

by Dr Andrius Popovas (RoCS - UiO)

FC61 (AlbaNova Main Building)


AlbaNova Main Building


Due largely to computational resource limitations, solar research evolved as distinct “internal-” and “surface-” related research fields, preventing an integrated global view of the Sun's complex plasma dynamics. However, the Sun encompasses large-scale hierarchical structures, extending from its deep core to its outer atmosphere. Magnetic flux, pivotal for many phenomena, such as sunspots and solar flares, may be generated through both local and large-scale dynamo actions within the solar interior, interacting with motions in the convection zone that are ultimately driven by cooling at the very surface.
The current advancements in high performance computing (HPC) infrastructure finally allows us to address the burgeoning need for an integrated understanding of the solar dynamics from the core to the photosphere and beyond.
In this talk I will overview what insights we already got from the large scale simulations and present the current state of our work in progress – the global compressible MHD simulations covering the entire convection zone of the Sun.

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