Jun 11 – 13, 2014
Europe/Stockholm timezone


Nordita, Stockholm, Sweden

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The registration desk is located in the foyer of the AlbaNova building right next to the NORDITA main building. The registration desk is open Wednesday June 11 from 8:00 to 12:00. If you cannot register during this time please contact Anne Jifält or one of the organizers. All registered participants are invited to the conference dinner. To participate, you must register for the dinner at the latest on Wednesday June 11.


The talks start at 8:45 with an opening address by the associate director of NORDITA. All talks on Wednesday June 11 are in lecture hall FD 5 in the AlbaNova main building. The schedule for the conference is available here.


The dynamics of particles suspended in turbulent or other complex flows is of fundamental importance for understanding kinetic processes in many areas of the Natural Sciences and in Technology. Examples are the dispersion of pollutants in the atmosphere, fuel injection in a car engine, the rheology of fibre suspensions, rain initiation in turbulent clouds, and planet formation in circumstellar accretion disks.

To understand and model the dynamics of particles in flows is a difficult problem because we cannot simply 'put the problem on the computer' since even the most sophisticated direct numerical simulations are incapable of solving the Navier-Stokes equations for the fluid flow in the presence of a large number of particles interacting with the fluid through boundary conditions at the particle surfaces. Traditionally this problem has been tackled independently in different scientific communities: in Astrophysics, Cloud physics, in the Engineering Sciences, and in Statistical Physics, to name but a few examples.

In the past few years there has been substantial progress in modeling and understanding the dynamics of particles in flows. In recent years scientists in different fields have begun to collaborate on this subject. This has resulted in substantial progress in modeling and understanding of the dynamics of particles in flows. This short, intensive focus conference brings together leading scientists from different disciplines to report on recent process in our understanding of the dynamics of particles in flows. The conference takes place at Nordita in Stockholm, June 11-13 (2014)

The conference will take place during an extended scientific program at Nordita, Dynamics of Particles in Flows, 2-27 June.

This conference is being supported by the Swedish Research Council, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences through its Nobel Institute for Physics and Nordita.


If you want to apply for participation in the workshop, please fill in the application form. At present we can accept applications from only local participants. The participants to the NORDITA program on particles in flows who are present during this conference do not need to register twice.

Application deadline: 10 June 2014

There is no registration fee.


Nordita provides a limited number of rooms in the Stockholm apartment hotel BizApartments free of charge for accepted participants.

Sponsored by:

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences through its Nobel Institute for Physics
Swedish Research Council

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