Molecular Physics seminar

Attosecond VUV Coherent Control of Molecular Dynamics and Prospects of Using ELI-ALPS User Facility

by Predrag Ranitovic (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)

FA31 ()


Following the advances of the ultrafast laser technology, table-top XUV sources have provided novel ways to achieve real-time manipulation of electron dynamics through the use of attosecond XUV light coupled with strong laser fields in the time-resolved manner. In my talk, I will give several examples of how these novel spectroscopy tools have been used to coherently control electron and nuclear wavepacket dynamics in atoms and molecules, and I will introduce the Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) project. In particular, I will talk about the scientific roadmap of the attosecond ELI-ALPS user-oriented facility currently being built in Szeged (Hungary), and prospects for using the ELI-ALPS scientific infrastructure for the future laser-driven attosecond X-Ray time-resolved experiments.