OKC/Nordita High-Energy Physics Theory seminar

An asymptotic solution of large-N QCD, and of large-N n=1 SUSY YM

by Marco Bochicchio (INFN Rome)

FA 31 ()

FA 31

We find an asymptotic solution for two-, three- and, to some extent, multi-point correlators of local gauge-invariant operators, in a lower-spin sector of massless large-N QCD (and of n=1 SUSY YM), in terms of glueball and meson propagators, in such a way that the solution is asymptotic in the ultraviolet to renormalization-group improved perturbation theory, by means of a new purely field-theoretical technique that we call the asymptotically-free bootstrap, based on a recently-proved asymptotic structure theorem for two-point correlators. The asymptotically-free bootstrap provides as well asymptotic S-matrix amplitudes in terms of glueball and meson propagators. Remarkably, the asymptotic S-matrix depends only on the unknown particle spectrum, but not on the anomalous dimensions, as a consequence of the LSZ reduction formulae. Very many physics consequences follow, both practically and theoretically. In fact, the asymptotic solution sets the strongest constraints on any actual solution of large-N QCD (and of n=1 SUSY YM), and in particular on any string solution.