OKC/Nordita High-Energy Physics Theory seminar

String phenomenology, instantons and the Kähler metric of twisted strings: Introduction

by Paolo Di Vecchia (Nordita)

Nordita seminar room (132:028) ()

Nordita seminar room (132:028)


Note: this is a pedagogical introduction to the more advanced seminar on Tue, Feb 25.

In this first seminar I will review the situation of confronting string theory with experiments. Then I will describe the explicit string models that are used to find string extensions of the Standard Model and that are based on intersecting and their T-dual magnetized D branes. The open strings, called twisted open strings, attached to those D branes contain chiral fermions and are therefore suitable to describe the quarks and leptons of the Standard Model. I will solve the equations of motion of an open string on a torus interacting with two different and constant magnetic fields located at its two end-points and I will find their quantum spectrum. This provides a string extension of a particle interacting with a constant magnetic field on a torus. In the second part of this first seminar I will discuss instantons in string theory.

Slides for this talk: see link above to the more advanced seminar.