OKC/Nordita High-Energy Physics Theory seminar

Constraining gravity with future large scale surveys

by Francesco Montanari (Helsinki Inst. of Phys.)

132:028 ()


I will discuss how new cosmological information can be obtained from ultra-large scale structure surveys, in order to constrain our theory of gravity. Directly observable cosmological probes are investigates, which allow model independent measurements useful to put complementary constraints on cosmological parameters. All effects contributing to galaxy number counts are analyzed with the hi_class code, showing that terms usually neglected in galaxy clustering analysis have in principle a significantly stronger dependence on the theory of gravity than usual probes, justifying efforts to detect them. The capability of future experiments to constrain sub-leading terms contributing to the galaxy power spectrum is forecasted. Promising probes are associated in particular with the weak lensing effect on galaxy statistical distributions, which constrain our theory of gravity through the lensing potential.