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9-11 October 2016
Albanova University Center
Europe/Stockholm timezone

Slides From Talks


  • Vitor Cardoso
    "Gravitational-wave emission from ultra-compact objects"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Thibault Damour
    "Gravitational waves and analytic relativity"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Gary Gibbons
    "Gravitational waves and fundamental physics"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Philippe Gandclément
    "Boson stars"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Scott Hughes
    "Testing the black hole hypothesis with gravitational wave observations"
    Slides (PDF) | Slides (Keynote, with animations)

  • Andrew King
    "Electromagnetic emission from gravitational wave events, and what we might learn"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Edvard Mörtsell
    "Gravitational waves, dark matter and dark energy"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Paweł Nurowski
    "Asymptotic behaviour of GW"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Luciano Rezzolla
    "Gravitational waves and neutron star mergers"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Gerhard Schäfer
    "PN approximation and GW physics"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Alberto Sesana
    "Massive black hole binaries: astrophysics and gravitational waves"
    Slides (PDF)