Nordita HEP Group meeting

Overview of the dCFT one-point functions

by Erik Widen (Nordita)



During roughly the last year, a number of papers about one-point functions in the N=4 SYM theory with a defect, dual to the D5-D3 brane system, have come out from the NBI-people around Kristjansen together with Zarembo. I intend to give some brief background and a general overview of these papers. The focus is how the one-point functions of operators in the SU(2) and SU(3)-sectors can be expressed as certain overlaps in the corresponding spin-chain pictures. The task of finding loop correction and hence the dCFT-propagators is also addressed. The ArXiv-numbers for the primary papers of interest are: 1506.06958v2 1512.02532v2 1606.01886v1 1611.04603v1