Nordita Astrophysics seminars

EuroHPC: the next big thing in scientific computing in Europe

by Pekka Manninen (CSC)

The EuroHPC initiative is a joint effort by the European Commission and 28 countries to establish a world class ecosystem in supercomputing to Europe (read more at One of its first concrete efforts is to install the first three "precursor to exascale" supercomputers. Finland, together with 8 other countries from the Nordics and central Europe, will collaboratively host one of these systems in Kajaani, northern Finland. This system, LUMI, will be the one of the most powerful and advanced computing systems on the planet at the time of its installation. The vast consortium of countries with an established tradition in scientific computing and strong national computing centers will be a key asset for the successful infrastructure. In this talk we will discuss the goals and initiatives of the EuroHPC framework, as well as the LUMI infrastructure and its great value and potential for the research community. In addition, we will review the architecture and discuss how to start preparing your codes and workflows to harness the capabilities of such a leadership-class system.