Greg Ashton (Monash University) will present "Maximising the science of gravitational-wave observatories"



The era of gravitation-wave astronomy is well underway. The third LIGO-Virgo observing run recently concluded bringing the total of detections and candidates to 67 and future observing runs with improved detectors will continue to advance the number and variety of signals we observe.  These signals and their multi-messenger counterparts encode information which can answer some of the big questions facing science today. In this talk, I will describe how a Bayesian inference framework ensures we maximise the science of gravitational-wave observatories.  From gold-plating marginal candidates to quantifying the astrophysical probability of a signal and inferring the source properties using the most sophisticated waveform models. I'll describe many of the challenges and limiting factors we currently face such the handling of systematic uncertainty in our physical signal models and our models of the noise. I'll then conclude by discussing how this framework can enable multi-messenger inference and the impacts it is already having across astrophysics.



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