May 2 – 13, 2022
Albano Building 3
Europe/Stockholm timezone


Equilibrium statistical physics provides an extremely powerful, universal formalism that tells us how many-particle systems in thermal equilibrium behave, and how we can characterize their properties by only a few macroscopic quantities. However, most systems and processes found in nature are out of equilibrium.
The most important examples include systems in a non-equilibrium initial or transient state, systems which are driven away from equilibrium by externally imposed forces, gradients or other non-equilibrium sources, or systems which are maintained in a non-equilibrium steady state by perpetual energy conversion. Often these systems consist of only a few entities and are so small that thermal fluctuations play a prominent role. It has been a vision from the early days of statistical mechanics to develop a theoretical description for such small non-equilibrium systems that is comparably powerful and universal as is equilibrium statistical physics. In recent years a number of new ideas and approaches in this direction, such as large-deviation theory, non-equilibrium phase transitions, and stochastic thermodynamics, have led to the first discoveries of exact relations characterizing universal properties of small non-equilibrium systems, which are valid beyond linear response. The aim of this program is to bring together the leading experts in (non-equilibrium) statistical physics to critically discuss and evaluate the latest developments towards a universal theory for non-equilibrium systems.

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As a Nordita Scientific Program, the focus during the meeting will be on discussions and collaborations between the participants with only about 2 or 3 talks per day. To enjoy the full benefit of such personal interactions, you have to come to Nordita for the program, obviously.

Nevertheless, being one of the first "post-pandemic" in-person meetings at Nordita, we plan to life-stream the presentations so that those for whom traveling is still not possible or too complicated have the possibility to follow at least the talks.

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Confirmed speakers

(ordered according to the week during which they probably will present)

Stefano Bo (MPI-PKS Dresden) Francesco Avanzini (University of Luxembourg)
Raphael Chetrite (Universite de Nice) Clemens Bechinger (University Konstanz)
Alberto Imparato (Aarhus University) Carlos E Fiore (University of Sao Paulo)
Francesco Mori (Universite Paris-Saclay) Arthur Genthon (Universite PSL, ESPCI Paris)
Patrick Pietzonka (MPI-PKS Dresden) Seyed Mohsen Jebreiil Khadem (University of Berlin)
Ken Sekimoto (Universite Paris Cite) Karel Proesmans (Niels Bohr Institute)
Giovanni Volpe (University of Gothenburg) Lamberto Rondoni (Politecnico di Torino)
Frederic van Wijland (Universite Paris Cite)


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Application deadline: April 10, 2022

This is the "official" application deadline in the sense that Nordita will provide support (booking of (free) accommodation, support for travel expenses, if applicable, etc.) for all applications until that date.
Applicants will be notified about acceptance/rejection within a few days after April 10.

Late applications for participation are possible even after April 10 until the start of the program, but without or with only limited administrative support. Notifications about acceptance/rejections for late applications will be send out on a case-by-case basis.

Application may be closed before the start of the program if the maximal number of participants is reached.

Accommodation information

For on-site participants, Nordita will provide free accommodation,
usually at the apartment hotel BizApartment.

Travel support

As senior participant, we kindly ask you to pay travel expenses yourself, because we intend to support junior participants as much as possible.

COVID protocol

We tacitly assume that participants are vaccinated, recently recovered from COVID or tested negative.

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