October 19, 2023
AlbaNova Main Building
Europe/Stockholm timezone
AlbaNova Main Building

The Oskar Klein Centre is celebrating 15 years as a hub for physics research in Stockholm. To recognize this achievement, and also look towards the future, we are organizing a lively scientific conference covering topics in cosmology, astrophysics and particle physics. 


In addition to celebrating our 15-year anniversary, we are also happy to announce a recent VR grant aimed at furthering connections between the OKC and research in the technology sectors in the surrounding Stockholm area. This program, named EDUCATE, will enable the OKC to develop a new Masters program in Physics that is specifically focused on advanced machine learning, artificial intelligence and instrumentation techniques. 

Thus, an important component of this conference will be an alumni and outreach event on the evening of 19 October.  We are inviting all current and former OKC members both within and outside academia to join us in an informal meet and greet, which will also include a brief talk describing both the past and future of the OKC.


In addition, alumni are welcome to attend events throughout the day of 19 October. In the morning, we will host a tour of our recently expanded AlbaNova campus. During the afternoon, alumni are welcome to attend several scientific talks which particularly focus on the interplay between advanced instrumentation and data analysis techniques and the cutting edge scientific programs within the Oscar Klein Centre.


Both current and former OKCers are encouraged to register for the event on this indico page. Stay tuned for further information. We hope to see you in Stockholm this fall!