AlbaNova Colloquium

Lise Meitner Distinguished Lecture: Engineering a quantum frontier for atomic clocks and fundamental physics

by Jun Ye (JILA, National Institute of Standards and Technology and University of Colorado)


Quantum state engineering, many-body physics, and laser technology are helping to increase the size of coherent quantum systems and revolutionize the performance of atomic clocks and metrology. A quantum gas of strontium atoms loaded into arrays of optical traps represents such a system that combines the best measurement precision and accuracy. Recent advances include precise engineering of a spin Hamiltonian to achieve a record clock accuracy, determination of the gravitational time dilation across a few hundred micrometers, and employment and verification of spin entanglement for clock comparison. These progresses in quantum metrology provide new insights into dynamical phases of matter, and raise the prospect of using the next generation of clocks to search for new physics beyond the minimal standard model and probe the interface of gravity and quantum mechanics.


The Lise Meitner Distinguished Lecture is sponsored by Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences through its Nobel Committee for Physics.