Astronomy Seminars

Unveiling the Accretion Process at Planetary Masses

by Mr Simon Ringqvist (SU)

FC61 (AlbaNova Main Building)


AlbaNova Main Building

Zoom ID: 622 1126 9644

Our understanding of the magnetospheric accretion process in young stars has advanced significantly in the last few decades. It is only very recently however, that we have been able to also study accreting planetary mass companions. I will defend my PhD thesis on this topic, on 2024-05-27, and today’s talk will therefore provide a scientific overview of how we can study these fascinating objects with spectroscopy and atmospheric variability studies. Do giant planets accrete matter as stars do, by funneling it along magnetic field lines, or are their magnetic fields too weak? How long can the accretion phase actually last in these objects? Evidence shows that it does not always cease after a few Myr, especially not in Delorme 1 (AB)b where it seemingly continued for 40 Myr. Concluding the talk will be a brief overview of how upcoming ESO pathfinder instruments will drastically improve our ability to detect planetary mass accretors. 

Zoom ID: 622 1126 9644