2nd International Workshop on Electrostatic Storage Devices

AlbaNova University Center

AlbaNova University Center

Stockholm, Sweden
At the Workshop we bring together some of the World's leading scientists in fields of study where the electrostatic storage of fast beams of charged atomic-scale particles is or can become an important tool. These will include researchers who are now performing experiments with electrostatic storage devices, researchers who are involved in planning and construction of a new advanced generation of electrostatic storage devices, and last but not least successful researchers from fields, where electrostatic storage is not yet an established technique, but where we hope to enter with our new techniques.

The purpose of the meeting is thus to strengthen the activities in the emerging electrostatic storage community by exchanging knowledge between the active groups and by learning from related fields. About 35 presentations will be given in the form of invited lectures of 30 minutes duration. Further results are to be presented as contributed poster presentations.

To those of you who attended the 1st International Workshop on Electrostatic Storage Devices in Eilat, Israel in June 2005 we can only say that that incredibly successful meeting constitutes the standard by which we measure our present efforts and that we hope to offer you a similar experience here in Stockholm with the outdoor temperature as a possible exception.
The agenda of this meeting is empty