The Evolution of Protoplanetary Disks and their Coupling to Central Stars

122:026 (Nordita Astrophysics seminar room)


Nordita Astrophysics seminar room

Axel Brandenburg (Nordita), Bengt Gustafsson (Uppsala University and Nordita)
The purpose of the meeting is to explore common interests in the area of protoplanetary disks evolution in young solar systems and discuss possible Nordita initiatives to support further collaboration. An example could be a 1 month Nordita program allowing scientists to work at Nordita, build new collaborations, stimulate discussions, and participate at joint seminars.

The morning session will contain a number of short presentations reflecting the interests of the participants. The afternoon session will essentially contain discussions of ideas concerning new projects and Nordita activities in this area. A BBQ is planned for the evening (17h-20h).

Nordita has funds to cover travel expenses for a certain number of people. Please indicate if support is needed. For questions about the meeting, please email the organizers, Bengt Gustafsson ( or Axel Brandenburg (

If you need help with accommodation, please email Elizabeth Yang (

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