Consultation Meeting on Solar­-Terrestrial Relations

122:026 (Nordita seminar room)


Nordita seminar room

Axel Brandenburg (Nordita), Bengt Gustafsson (Nordita / UU)
The area of Solar­Terrestrial Relations has played a decisive role in the growth of Astrophysics and Space Science since 150 years. More recently, it has developed very much due to new observational possibilities, at a distance and in situ, and very considerable advancement in computer simulation. The area has also become of very great social interest, due to the effects of space weather on communication and other technical systems, and possible climate effects.

In this development several Nordic research groups play important roles. However, the Nordic potential to contribute decisively to this research in a coherent way seems still greater, in view of the fact that leading research is made here in all aspects of the area, from basic solar studies to solar­wind research, space physics exploration, studies of the Earth upper atmosphere, as well as the study of other planetary­system atmospheres and their interaction with the solar wind.

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