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Beta spectrum modeling for the CeLAND experiment antineutrino source

by Mathieu Durero (KTH and CEA Saclay)

FA 32

FA 32

This Master Thesis dissertation reports on the development of a model for computation of beta-decay spectra. It is specially adapted to spectra predictions for the 144Ce-144Pr source used in the CeLAND experiment. Spectra are modeled using Fermi Theory and taking into account supplementary small effects, namely the nucleus finite-size effects, screening effect by the atomic electrons, nucleus recoil, outer radiative corrections and the so-called weak magnetism effect. Theoretical uncertainties to the model are estimated. The possibility to predict neutrino spectrum shape is of primary importance for CeLAND preparation, as the experiment aims at measuring neutrino oscillations using notably neutrino spectrum distortion among other things.