30 March 2016 to 22 April 2016
Nordita, Stockholm
Europe/Stockholm timezone

Anomalous dimension of giant gravitons from non-abelian DBI and Spin Matrix theory

6 Apr 2016, 10:15
AlbaNova, FB53 (Nordita, Stockholm)

AlbaNova, FB53

Nordita, Stockholm


Troels Harmark (NBI)


In this talk we begin by introducing Spin Matrix theory (SMT). It can be seen as a finite-N generalization of a nearest neighbor spin chain. SMT describes N=4 SYM near certain unitarity bounds and zero-temperature critical points. We find a new tractable regime at finite N described by a classical matrix model. Next we go to the string side of the AdS/CFT correspondence and explain that the dual is given by highly excited giant gravitons. Finally, we match the matrix model to interacting giant gravitons on AdS using the non-abelian DBI action.

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