The Physics of Extreme-Gravity Stars

from Monday, 5 June 2017 (09:00) to Friday, 30 June 2017 (18:00)
Nordita, Stockholm (122:026)

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09:00 SWEDEN NATIONAL DAY   (122:026)
10:00 White dwarf mergers their diverse outcomes: observations and theory (Led by Marten Van Kerkwijk, Toronto)   (122:026)
11:30 Astro-ph discussion (Led by Axel Widmark, Stockholm)   (122:026)
10:00 Populations and rates of double white dwarf binaries (Led by Silvia Toonen, Amsterdam)   (122:026)
11:30 Astro-ph discussion (Led by Marten Van Kerkwijk and Epson Heringer)   (122:026)
10:00 Sub-types of Supernova Ia and their delay times (Led by Epson Heringer, Toronto)   (122:026)
11:30 Astro-ph discussion (Led by Mattia Bulla, Stockholm)   (122:026)
11:00 Meet and Greet   (FB52 of the OKC/AlbaNova)
09:30 Electromagnetic counterparts: theory and simulations (led by Kenta Hotokezaka, Koutarou Kyutoku, David Tsang)   (FB52 of the OKC/AlbaNova)
09:30 Fundamental Physics with Gravitational Waves and Binary Black Holes (led by Thomas Sotiriou and David Nichols)   (FB52 of the OKC/AlbaNova)
09:30 Dynamical formation of Binary Black Holes and ULXs (led by Jay Strader)   (FB52 of the OKC/AlbaNova)
09:30 Short gamma ray bursts and neutron star binary mergers: observations and theory (led by Andrew Levan, Asaf Pe'er and Gavin Lamb)   (FB52 of the OKC/AlbaNova)
08:50 Welcome   (FD5)
Binary Evolution (and X-ray binaries) (until 14:45) (FD5)
09:00 Formation of Binary Black Hole mergers - Phillip Podsiadlowski   (FD5)
09:30 Formation of Double Neutron Stars - Thomas Tauris   (FD5)
10:00 Black Hole X-ray Binaries in Milky Way Globular Clusters - Jay Strader   (FD5)
10:15 Supernovae: The conservation of momentum `kick' revisited - John Bray   (FD5)
10:30 --- Coffee break ---
11:00 Common envelope and compact binaries formation - Natasha Ivanova   (FD5)
11:30 Shedding light on the black hole mass spectrum - Mario Spera   (FD5)
11:45 Formation and evolution of supergiant High Mass X-ray Binaries - Sylvain Chaty   (FD5)
12:00 The formation of black holes in X-ray binaries and binary stellar black holes - Felix Mirabel   (FD5)
12:15 --- Lunch ---
14:00 Mass Transfer, Binary Evolution and Gravitational Waves - Re'em Sari   (FD5)
14:30 The spin distribution of binary black hole mergers arising from field binaries - Kenta Hotokezaka   (FD5)
White dwarf — white dwarf binaries (cont); White dwarf —neutron stars and white dwarf — black hole binaries; numerical simulations (until 12:00) (FD5)
09:00 Future prospect for exploiting double white dwarfs detected by GAIA, LSST and LISA - Elena Rossi   (FD5)
09:30 Type Ia supernovae with the Palomar Transient Factory - Seméli Papadogiannakis   (FD5)
09:45 Probing the distribution of delay times of Type Ia SNe - Epson Heringer   (FD5)
10:00 The variety of neutron-star, white-dwarf binaries and the maximum mass of neutron stars - Marten Van Kerkwijk   (FD5)
10:30 --- Coffee break ---
11:00 Mass Leakage through L2 in Binaries - Itai Linial   (FD5)
11:15 Rapidly-evolving transients from white dwarf-neutron star mergers - Ben Margalit   (FD5)
11:30 White dwarf - neutron star and white dwarf - black hole binaries - Ross Church   (FD5)
Gravitational Wave Observations and fundamental physics (until 12:25) (FD5)
09:00 Gravitational Wave detectors: Accomplishments and Plans for the Future - David Shoemaker (MIT)   (FD5)
09:40 The dawn of gravitational-wave physics and astronomy - Bangalore Sathyaprakash   (FD5)
10:10 Gravitational-wave displacement and spin memory effects - David Nichols   (FD5)
10:25 Detection of Gravitational Wave transients with minimal assumptions and signal error waveform - Matteo Di Giovanni   (FD5)
10:40 --- Coffee break ---
11:10 Numerical modelling of binary black hole mergers - Harald Pfeiffer   (FD5)
11:40 Gravitational-wave cosmography with LISA and the Hubble tension - Koutarou Kyotoku   (FD5)
11:55 The Astrophysics of the Gravitational Wave Detections - Cole Miller   (FD5)
EM counterparts of compact object mergers (cont) and Binary Black Hole Astrophysics (until 15:00) (FD5)
09:00 In Search for an Optical or Infrared Counterpart to Neutron Star Mergers - Mansi Kasliwal   (FD5)
09:30 A new hope - the search for gravitational wave — radio counterparts - Assaf Horesh   (FD5)
10:00 Searches for radio counterparts to GW sources with LOFAR, AMI and MeerKAT - Rob Fender   (FD5)
10:15 ULTRASAT and GW Target of opportunity - Eran Ofek   (FD5)
10:30 --- Coffe break ---
11:00 EM counterparts from NS-NS, BH-BH and WD-WD mergers - Maxim Lyutikov   (FD5)
11:30 Machine learning for gravitational wave electromagnetic counterparts - Michelle Lochner   (FD5)
11:45 High energy radiation from jets and accretion disks near rotating black holes - Asaf Pe'er   (FD5)
12:00 --- Lunch ---
14:00 Transients from magnetically active compact objects - Andrei Belbodorov   (FD5)
14:30 What GW detections can tell us about jet structure of short GRBs - Gavin Lamb   (FD5)
14:45 Binary Black Hole Mergers from Field Triples: Properties, Rates, and the Impact of Stellar Evolution - Silvia Toonen   (FD5)
10:30 White-dwarf neutron star and white dwarf-black hole binaries and outcomes (led by Brian Metzger)   (122:026)
10:30 Dynamics in the Galactic Center (led by Re'em Sari)   (122:026)
10:30 Rates and formation of WD-NS/WD-BH systems (led by Ross Church and Silvia Toonen)   (122:026)
14:00 Meet and Greet   (122:026)
14:00 Formation of White Dwarf Binaries (Led by Natasha Ivanova, Alberta)   (122:026)
14:00 Gravitational wave and Electromagnetic observations with LISA, GAIA and LSST (Led by Elena Rossi, Leiden)   (122:026)
14:00 Core collapse supernova, formation of neutron stars and neutron star kicks (led by Evan O'Connor and John Bray)   (FB52 of the OKC/AlbaNova)
14:00 Binary Black Hole Observations by LIGO (Led by Patricia Schmidt, Geraint Pratten, Carl-Johan Haster, Aaron Zimmerman)   (FB52 of the OKC/AlbaNova)
15:00 Formation of Binary Black Holes (led by Felix Mirabel and Philipp Podsiadlowski)   (FB52 of the OKC/AlbaNova)
14:00 EM follow-up of Neutron Star Binary and Binary Black Hole Mergers (led by Masaomi Tanaka and Assaf Horesh)   (FB52 of the OKC/AlbaNova)
15:00 Discussion on Eddington limit, thermal timescale accretion, and ULXs (led by Pavel Abolmasov)   (122:026)
White dwarf — white dwarf binaries; their outcomes and merger products (until 17:15) (FD5)
14:45 Type Ia supernovae from dynamically-driven double degenerate double detonations - Ken Shen   (FD5)
15:15 --- Coffee break ---
15:45 Classical Novae as Laboratories for Common Envelope Evolution - Laura Chomuik   (FD5)
16:15 Observations of WD - WD mergers [in the Type Ia supernova context] - Mattia Bulla   (FD5)
16:45 Two classes of fast declining SN1a - Suhail Dhawan   (FD5)
12:00 --- Lunch ---
Numerical simulations and modeling of compact object mergers (until 17:15) (FD5)
14:00 Modeling stellar encounters with white dwarfs - Stephan Rosswog   (FD5)
14:30 Mass ejection from neutron star mergers - Masaru Shibata   (FD5)
15:00 Free hyperboloidal evolution: results in spherical symmetry - Alex Vano-Vinuales   (FD5)
15:15 --- Coffee break ---
15:45 Compact object formation in extreme core-collapse supernovae - Phillip Moesta   (FD5)
16:15 The physics and astrophysics of neutron-star binaries: a report from Frankfurt - Luciano Rezzolla   (FD5)
16:45 Source modeling of compact object mergers - Luc Blanchet   (FD5)
12:25 --- Lunch ---
GW (cont) and EM counterparts of compact object mergers (until 17:15) (FD5)
14:00 Pulsar binaries with next generation radio telescopes - Ben Stappers   (FD5)
14:30 Electromagnetic Counterparts of Neutron Star Mergers - Brian Metzger   (FD5)
15:00 Exploring the Boundary Between Neutron Stars and Black Holes - Tony Piro   (FD5)
15:30 --- Coffee break ---
16:00 EM signals following binary black hole mergers - Andrew King   (FD5)
16:30 Resonant Shattering Flares as EM Counterparts - David Tsang   (FD5)
16:45 The Cocoon Emission - a bright electromagnetic counterpart to neutron star mergers - Tsvi Piran   (FD5)
R process nucleosynthesis (until 17:30) (FD5)
15:00 brief review is made of the r-process and the historical development of ideas about its astrophysical origins - Jim Lattimer   (FD5)
15:30 --- Coffee break ---
16:00 R process nucleosynthesis of compact object merger - Jennifer Barnes   (FD5)
16:30 Kilonova/Macronova Emission from Dynamical and Wind Ejecta of Compact Binary Mergers - Masomi Tanaka   (FD5)
16:45 Predicting the spectra and lightcurves of macronovae: electromagnetic signatures or the r-process nucleosynthesis - Oleg Korobkin   (FD5)
17:00 Learning from EM observations of compact binary mergers - Nial Tanvir   (FD5)
13:00 A New Empirical Model for Type Ia Supernovae Using Data from the Nearby Supernova Factory (Claire Saunders)   (122:026)
14:00 Meet and greet/organisation meeting   (122:026)
15:00 Core-collapse discussion (Led by Philipp Moesta, Tony Piro and Phillip Podsiadlowski)   (122:026)
14:00 White-dwarf neutron star binaries and their outcomes (led by Ben Margalit and Ken Shen)   (122:026)
15:00 Gravitational wave measurements and tests of GR (led by Lionel London)   (122:026)