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Mini-workshop on the Opportunities for Investigations of Quantum Materials at New Generation X-ray Lightsources

by Alessando Ricci, Alexander Balatsky (Nordita), Dan Mannix



The MAX IV synchrotron in Lund is planned to deliver light starting June 2016, and it will become the brightest synchrotron in the world. The European XFEL in Hamburg will start its operation in 2017, and it will be the first high repetition rate free electron laser in the world. Both these instruments will give researchers from of all fields the opportunity to perform scientific investigations that are beyond reach at existing facilities. Within the field of condensed matter physics, this translates in the possibility of deepening our understanding of quantum materials, materials where the electronic correlations or the spin-orbit coupling are strong. The strength of this interaction gives rise to several effects which are yet not fully understood, and that are both intriguing from a fundamental point of view, as well as of potential interest for novel applications. With this mini-workshop we aim at giving an overview of the opportunities for the study of quantum materials at the new generation lightsources both from experimental and theoretical points of view. Furthermore, we aim at initiating a discussion over possible collaborations in this direction within the Swedish research community. Great ideas from both theoreticians and experimentalists will be needed to fully explore the possibilities that these unique facilities will offer. Most welcome! Stefano Bonetti and Magnus H. Berntsen Program: