July 30, 2018 to August 17, 2018
Nordita, Stockholm
Europe/Stockholm timezone

Almost a century ago Einstein’s seminal paper “Cosmological Considerations in the General Theory of Relativity” (2 August 1917) proposed a game changing addition to his theory of general relativity: Λ Lambda, the cosmological constant. Since then, and in particular from the remarkable experimental data gathered during the last two decades, the cosmological constant has gone from a theoretical sideline to a central feature of research in cosmology and quantum gravity, including the effective Λ of inflation, the observed Λ of the late time acceleration of our universe, and the negative Λ of the gauge/gravity correspondence in string theory. The conundrums facing each of these applications of Λ are different, but there are many commonalities, similar open questions, and related tools and techniques. Understanding the role of Lambda is one of the deepest open problems in theoretical physics and cosmology.

The aim of the program is to discuss the most recent developments on the theme of Λ in gravitational physics and relativistic cosmology, with focus on

  • black hole physics,
  • event horizons, boundaries, and information,
  • the accelerating Universe,
and promote a diverse representation, with a particular focus on gender, for which we aim to have least one-third of women participants.

Group Photo
Group photo taken Thursday 9 August. Click on image to get enlargement.

Slides from talks
[If you have slides or posters and want to have them available on this page, please send them to info@nordita.org]


If you want to apply for participation in the program, please fill in the application form. You will be informed by the organizers shortly after the application deadline whether your application has been approved. Due to space restrictions, the total number of participants is strictly limited.

Application deadline: 28 Feb 2018

A minimum stay of one working week is required and participants are encouraged to stay for a period of at least two weeks.

There is no registration fee.

Travel Reimbursement

A limited amount of funds for travel and for child care are available. Please indicate in the comments field an estimate of your expected travel / child care expenses, and how much of the expenses you are able to cover from other sources. Priority will be given to participants who are more junior, have a longer distance to travel, and / or researchers who do not have access to other sources of funding. Applying for travel or child care funds will not affect admission to the program. Decisions concerning the grants will be made on a case-by-case basis and you will be notified shortly after the application deadline.


Nordita provides a limited number of rooms in the Stockholm apartment hotel BizApartments free of charge for accepted participants.

Please be aware that unfortunately, scammers sometimes approach participants claiming to be able to provide accommodation and asking for credit card details. Please do not give this information to them. For successful applicants, Nordita will be in touch via email regarding accommodation. If you are in any doubt about the legitimacy of an approach, please get in contact with the organisers.


Information on activities and day care for children will be available soon.

Sponsored by:

Nordita University of Massachusetts at Amherst The Oskar Klein Centre Swedish Research Council

Nordita, Stockholm