Jul 2 – 27, 2018
Nordita, Stockholm
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Nordita, Stockholm, Sweden


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The major direction in modern condensed matter physics concerns the study of topological states of quantum matter, which show robust features due to the nontrivial global characteristics of the underlying wave functions, manifested in, for example, quantized conductance and robust gapless boundary states. Since the discovery of topological insulators about a decade ago, the field has been focused on non-interacting gapped fermionic states, classified within the so-called “ten-fold way periodic table”. However, new topological states of matter not captured within this classification have recently been theoretically proposed and experimentally discovered. These include topological crystalline insulators, Weyl semimetals, but also classical topological states in mechanical metamaterials. The proposals for realization of topological states out of equilibrium and bosonic topological phases have recently appeared. Furthermore, the new exotic fermions that go beyond the Dirac, Weyl and Majorana have been proposed. Given these developments it is clear that the study of topological matter is entering a new period where the themes going “beyond the ten-fold way” take the center stage, and will certainly be significant in the entire field of condensed matter physics in the next decade or so.

In this program, we bring together experimentalists and theorists to review the current status of this burgeoning field, identify the crucial areas where progress can be made, and foster collaborations and partnerships to vigorously pursue these goals. We shall bring together world leaders in the fields of topological materials and young researchers from the Nordic region who can learn from them.

Tentative timetable

Weeks 1 and 2 (July 2nd to July 13th): Classical topological systems, non-equilibrium topological matter, bosonic topological materials, and simulated topological systems.

Weeks 3 and 4 (July 16th to July 27th): Topological semimetals and topological superconductors.

(More) Detailed Programme

All talks will be 50 minutes, plus 10 minutes for questions and discussion.

Week 1
All talks will be in the seminar room in Nordita West

July 022pm Mohammad Hafezi
Recent quantum directions in topological photonics
July 03 11am Emil Begholtz
Topological aspects of non-Hermitian systems
2pm Gyu Boong Jo
Observation of nodal-line semimetal with ultracold atoms in an optical lattice
July 04 11am Sergej Moroz
Weyl nodal surfaces
2pm Nicolas Regnault
A variational approach to chiral topological order interfaces
July 05 11am Graham Kells
Enhanced and degraded topological order through localization
2pm Zhao Liu
Geometric quench and non-equilibrium dynamics of fractional quantum Hall states
July 06 11am Sigurdur Erlingsson
Gap formation in helical edge states with magnetic impurities

Week 2
All talks will be in the seminar room in Nordita West

July 9 11am Sasha Balatsky
Odd frequency: 8 fold world of superconductivity and Majorana pairing
2pm Eduardo Marino
The Phase Diagram of High-Tc Cuprates
July 10 11am Bohm Jung Yang
Band topology and linking number of nodal line semimetals with Z2 monopole charge
2pm Jorrit Kruthoff
Topology in time-reversal symmetric crystals
July 11 11am Cristiane Morais Smith
Thermodynamic description of topological insulators: The search for universal behaviour
2pm Jaakko Nissinen
Phase transition from Weyl to node-line superfluid: Antispacetime and novel effective electrodynamics
July 12 11am Cristina Diamantini
Superinsulator: "frozen" topological insulator
2pm Simon Lieu
Non-Hermitian Topological Phases: minimal models, classifying symmetries, and bosonic connections
July 13 10am Andy Millis
Transient superconductivity without superconductivity
11am Jens Bardarson
Connecting Landau, Bardeen and Fermi—transport and anomalies in Weyl semimetals
2pm Joost Slingerland
Towards actual braiding and fusion of anyons in spinor Bose Einstein condensates

Week 3
All talks will be in the seminar room in Albanova Room FB52

July 16 Masatoshi Sato
Topological crystalline materials
Bitan Roy
World of spin-3/2 fermions: stability and emergent topology
David Carpentier
Signature of the chiral anomaly in ballistic Weyl junctions
July 17 Joseph Maciejko
Quantum criticality in topological insulators and spin liquids
Titus Neupert
Higher order topological insulators
Sebastian Huber
Axial field induced chiral channels in an acoustic Weyl system
Vladimir Juricic
Disordered Weyl semimetal: Global phase diagram and chiral superuniversality
July 18 Milica Milovanovic
Paired states at filling factor 5/2
Mazhar Ali
Chasing QCD dark matter with axionic topological antiferromagnets
Björn Trauzettel
Chirality Josephson current due to a novel quantum anomaly in inversion-asymmetric Weyl semimetals
Christian Ast
Probing the properties of a superconductor by means of scanning tunneling spectroscopy
July 19 Andrea Cappelli
Three-dimensional topological insulators and bosonization
Xi Dai
Symmetry enforced chiral Hinge states and surface quantum anomalous Hall effect in magnetic axion insulator Bi2-xSmxSe3
Wladimir Benalcazar
Quantized electric multipole moments and Majorana bound states in 2D topological crystalline phases
Felix Flicker
Chiral optical response of multifold fermions
July 20 Matthias Bode
Topological materials from an STM perspective
Shuichi Murakami
Emergence of topological semimetals in topological phase transitions with crystallographic symmetries
Andrei Bernevig
Using topological quantum chemistry to find materials

Week 4
All talks will be in the seminar room in Nordita West

July 23Michael Peterson
Topological order in the fractional quantum Hall effect under realistic conditions
Claudia Felser
Magnetic Weyl Semimetals!
Roni Ilan
Pseudo-field effects in topological semimetals
July 24Alexei Soluyanov
Topological fermions in metals
Anton Burkov
Transport in Topological Semimetals
Haim Beidenkopf
Topological electronic states probed by topological crystallographic defects in bismuth
Jan Behrends
Quantum anomalies in strained Weyl semimetals
July 25Alexander Zyuzin
Anomalous transport in Weyl semimetals
Andreas Schnyder
Topological band crossings in hexagonal materials: Accordion states and star-shape Dirac lines
Thomas Kvorning
Proposed spontaneous generation of magnetic fields by curved layers of a chiral superconductor
July 26Tiantian Zhang
Double Weyl phonons in transition-metal monosilicides
Ali Yazdani
Interacting multi-channel topological boundary modes in a quantum Hall valley system
Giandomenico Palumbo
Tensor monopoles in topological phases
July 27Jukka Vayrynen
Electron backscattering in 2D topological insulators
Adrien Bouhon
Wilson loop approach to topological crystalline semimetals and insulators with time reversal symmetry


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