OKC/Nordita High-Energy Physics Theory seminar

Solving q-Virasoro constraints

by Rebecca Lodin (Uppsala)

132:028 ()


The Virasoro constraints - arising from Ward identities - are a key component in understanding the relation between matrix models and conformal field theories; they provide the set of equations constraining the generating function which can then be solved using CFT methods. These Virasoro constraints can be derived either using differential operators or by using the so-called free field representation of the Virasoro algebra. In this talk I will discuss what happens when these constraints are q-deformed. In particular, I will outline how such q-Virasoro constraints can be derived for a large class of deformed eigenvalue matrix models by an elementary trick of inserting certain q-difference operators under the integral. These q-Virasoro constraints can then be solved recursively and they also have applications for gauge theories.