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Time zone: CEST - Central European Summer Time (Stockholm time)


This workshop series provides a “forum” where scientists in the Nordic countries working in the area of Statistical Physics can meet regularly. The meeting brings together experts interested in the broad spectrum of timely problems in (classical) Statistical Physics, ranging from fundamental aspects in the theory of non-equilibrium processes to modern applications in biophysics. Topics covered include diffusion problems, non-equilibrium transport, work relations and fluctuation theorems, microscopic heat engines, soft condensed matter (colloids, liquid crystals etc.), microfluidics, pattern formation, self-assembly, population dynamics, physics of DNA and bio-molecules, single-molecule kinetics, dynamics and structure of networks, statistical inference, neuronal networks, quantum thermodynamics and many more.

The 2021 event is the 11th edition in this Nordic Workshop series. The series has been initiated at Nordita in 2010. Since then a workshop has been held every year, except for the 2020 edition, which had to be cancelled because of the outbreak of the COVID-pandemic.


Being aware that it is more difficult and tiresome to sit in front of a screen and focus on online presentation with minimal personal interaction we decided to run this virtual workshop in a reduced format:
We will have three talks per day, starting at 1.30 pm every day and ending around 5 pm. Each talk will be allocated 60 min in total, consisting of 45 min for the presentation itself, 10 min for questions and about 5 min for a short break in between the talks.

We are planning to conclude each day with a "discussion session" of about 30 min, centered around the three talks of the day. The idea is that each speaker of the day will be invited to host a Zoom room, so that the participants of the workshop can freely switch between these rooms, ask questions, contribute to the discussion etc.

In summary, each day will be organized like this (for the detailed time-table click here):




talk 1

13:30 - 14:15 presentation
14:15 - 14:25 questions
14:25 - 14:30 break




talk 2

14:30 - 15:15 presentation
15:15 - 15:25 questions
15:25 - 15:30 break




talk 3

15:30 - 16:15 presentation
16:15 - 16:25 questions
16:25 - 16:30 break

16:30-17:00 discussion session


Invited Speakers

  • Erik Aurell (KTH)
  • Lorenzo Costigliola (Roskilde University)
  • Supriya Krishnamurthy (SU)
  • Lasse Laurson (Tampere University)
  • Bernhard Mehlig (Gothenburg University)
  • Yasser Roudi (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
  • Marc Suñé Simon (Nordita)
  • Giovanni Volpe (Gothenburg University)
  • Astrid de Wijn (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)


If you want to participate in the workshop, please fill in the registration form.

Registration deadline: 12 April, 2021

There is no registration fee.

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