Jan 10 – 14, 2022
Albano Building 3
Europe/Stockholm timezone

Scope and purpose

Every year Nordita organizes a winter school on subtopics in theoretical physics. In 2022, the topic is Waves in Astrophysics.  The role of waves in astrophysical context cannot be overemphasized. The aim  of the school is to focus on the fundamentals of waves in plasma and gravitational waves.

The school is open to all PhD and post-docs, as well as advanced masters students in physics and astronomy in all the Nordic and baltic countries. Astronomy students whose main focus in observational astronomy are also welcome.


Zoom coordinates 

Access to the zoom room is open. Please note that there will be no broadcasting for tutorial sessions, but only for lectures.

Join the virtual room here: https://stockholmuniversity.zoom.us/j/69748350180



Principal Lecturers
● Tina Kahniashvili (Carnegie Mellon University) Gravitational Waves
● Nuno F. Gomes Loureiro (MIT) Waves in magnetized fluids

Topical Lecturers
● Axel Brandenburg (NORDITA and Stockholm University)
● Jaime de la Cruz Rodriguez (Stockholm University)
● Oleg Kochukhov (Uppsala University)
● Stephan Rosswog (Stockholm University)
● Joonas Nättilä (Columbia University and Flatiron Institute)





(Jan. 10)


(Jan. 11)


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Tina Kahniashvili

Lecture 1

Tina Kahniashvili

Lecture 2

Tina Kahniashvili

Lecture 3

Tina Kahniashvili

Lecture 4

Nuno Loureiro

Lecture 5


Coffee break*

Coffee break*

Coffee break*

Coffee break*

Coffee break*


Nuno Loureiro Lecture 1

Nuno Loureiro Lecture 2

Nuno Loureiro Lecture 3

Nuno Loureiro Lecture 4

Tina Kahniashvili Lecture 5







14:00 -15:00

Joonas Nättilä

Jaime de la Cruz Rodriguez

Axel Brandenburg

Stephan Rosswog

Oleg Kochukhov


Coffee break*

Coffee break*

Coffee break*

Coffee break*

Coffee break*








    Deyan Mihaylov Lecture


18:30     Dinner at Proviant restaurant    


* Coffee breaks will take place at Nordita, on floor 6 at Albano Building 3. Participants can serve themselves tea, or coffee from our espresso machines. Cookies will also be served in the kitchen area.

** Lunch will take place at the campus restaurant Proviant, right across the street from floor 4.



Day 1

  • Session 1 - Tina Kahniasvilli         |  slides  |
  • Session 2 - Nuno Loureiro            |  to be updated  |
  • Session 3 - Joonas Nättilä            |  slides  |

Day 2 

  • Session 1 - Tina Kahniasvilli                           |  slides  | 
  • Session 2 - Nuno Loureiro                              |  to be updated |
  • Session 3 - Jaime de la Cruz Rodriguez           |  slides  |

Day 3

  • Session 1 - Tina Kahniasvilli                |  slides  |
  • Session 2 - Nuno Loureiro                   |  to be updated  |
  • Session 3 - Axel Brandenburg              |  slides  |
  • Session 4 - Deyan Mihaylov                 |  slides  |

Day 4 

  • Session 1 - Tina Kahniasvilli               | slides  |  notes  |
  • Session 2 - Nuno Loureiro                  | to be updated  |
  • Session 3 - Stephan Rosswog              |  slides  |

Day 5 

  • Session 1 - Tina Kahniasvilli                |  slides  |
  • Session 2 - Nuno Loureiro                   |  to be updated  |
  • Session 3 - Oleg Kochukhov                 |  slides  |


COVID protocol

According to the latest rules made public, international travelers who aren’t Swedish citizens or live in Sweden, will have to show proof of a negative test result no older than 48-hours, or be denied entry. This includes travelers from both Nordic and EU/EEA countries. This rule will come in force from the 28th of December. Teaching as well as participation to the school is still planned to take place on-site with physical presence. There will be hybrid capability for lectures, but not for exercise sessions. Additionally, Nordita will provide face masks that should be worn during lectures and exercise sessions.

Each school participant (students, lecturers, teaching assistants, organizers etc.) will be given a box of five antigen self-tests upon arrival at the hotel. All participants should use a self-test every day before their arrival at Nordita regardless of whether they have been vaccinated or not. 
 If you test positive, please isolate and immediately get in touch with the organizers and the Nordita events team. All close contacts of a positive COVID case (being defined to be people that have been longer than 15 minutes in same room) should isolate and only get out of isolation after two negative tests, and after they have been fever-free for at least 48 hours.

The organizing committee will update all participants of any future changes in covid related rules.


Accommodation information

Nordita will provide and pay for the accommodation of both lecturers and teaching assistants, as well as students. The group booking has been made at Biz Apartment Gärdet with check-in date 9th of January and check-out date 15th of January, and information about directions can be found in the side menu to the left. Breakfast is included in the reservation.  

Please, remember to request your covid test kits at the reception of the hotel upon check-in.


Application for students

If you are interested in participating in the school, please apply via the application form (see menu on the left sidebar). 

The school is intended primarily for PhD students, post-docs, and advanced Masters students from the Nordic and Baltic countries. 

You apply to the Nordita Winter School in three steps:

  1. Fill in the application form in the menu to the left
  2. Upload your CV as attachment to the appplication form
  3. Ask your supervisor or other person to send a recommendation letter to event@nordita.org

Note that all three steps must be completed by 30 November 2021.


Organizing Committee 

Dhrubaditya Mitra - dhruba.mitra@gmail.com

Hongzhe Zhou - hongzhe.zhou@su.se



Sponsored by:

Albano Building 3
Conference center, room 4205
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