Aug 22 – 24, 2022
Albano Building 2
Europe/Stockholm timezone


Stockholm University, Albano Campus, Stockholm, Sweden
Building 2, Lecture Hall 2 (Hörsal 2)

Schedule start: Monday 22nd of August, 10:30

Schedule end: Wednesday 24th of August 15:00

General scope

DESIREE is a cryogenic double electrostatic ion-beam storage ring facility, and the symposium is thematically relating to DESIREE in several ways. We have invited lectures from other laboratories where electrostatic ion-beam storage is an important tool, we have presentations of results from DESIREE itself, and we have a number of interesting presentations from other areas of research related to the present work at DESIREE and acting as inspiration for future directions.

Invited speakers (confirmed)

  • Susanne Aalto, Chalmers University, Sweden Extragalactic astrochemistry - molecules thriving in extreme environments
  • Lars Andersen, Aarhus University, Denmark Applications of time-resolved action spectroscopy in ion storage rings at Aarhus University
  • Toshiyuki Azuma, RIKEN, Japan Slow deexcitation dynamics of molecular ions stored in RICE and TMU E-ring
  • Paul Barklem, Uppsala University, Sweden Mutual neutralisation in stellar atmospheres
  • Paola Bolognesi, University of Rome, Italy Photoionization and fragmentation of cyclic dipeptides, experimental and computational efforts on the search of the 'seeds of life’
  • James Bull, University of East Anglia, UK Isomer-specific photophysics of resveratrol anions
  • Elisabeth Gruber, University of Innsbruck, Austria Spectroscopy of helium-tagged molecular ions - Development of a new experimental setup
  • Christine Joblin, Université de Toulouse/CNRS, France Study of PAH photophysics using storage devices and astrophysical implications
  • Walter Kutschera, University of Vienna, Austria On the absolute dating with 14C and 41Ca
  • Ann Orel, UC Davis, USA Theoretical Studies of Mutual Neutralization Reactions
  • Søren Pape-Møller, Aarhus University, Denmark ELISA – the world’s first (?!) electrostatic storage ring
  • Els Peeters, Western University, Canada Formation and evolution of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in space
  • Remigio Trujillo, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico Electron-Nuclear Dynamics in time-dependent atomic and molecular processes: From charge transfer to molecular fragmentation
  • Xavier Urbain, Université Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium Systematic study of mutual neutralization reactions with a single pass merged beam apparatus
  • Andreas Wolf, Max-Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics, Germany The Heidelberg CSR - recent results and plans
  • Daniel Zajfman, Weizmann Institute, Israel Electrostatic Ion-Beam Traps in Atomic and Molecular Physics


This will be an actual in-person meeting! It will, however, be possible to follow the presentations via this zoom link. If time allows, questions written in the zoom chat will be taken, but priority is to the on-site participants.
The invited lectures will be of 30 min duration plus discussion and from the contributed abstracts, we will select a number for oral special reports of 15 min duration plus discussion. On Monday afternoon there will be a poster session, and the posters will be moved to the coffee break area so we can keep discussing them during the Tuesday and Wednesday coffee breaks.

Abstract submission 

To submit your abstract in pdf format for a poster presentation, with or without the option to be selected for an invited oral presentation, please follow the "Abstract submission" link in the left side menu or click here and follow the simple instructions. We will select ten oral presentations among those who submit an abstract and we encourage everybody to do so. In particular we welcome DESIREE users to submit abstracts on their work performed here.

The format of the posters should be A0 portrait to fit our boards!

Submission deadline: July 1st.  Abstract submission is re-opened, but now without the option of asking for an oral presentation.

Registration and conference fee

Registration is now open and the deadline is July 22nd. Please follow this two step process to be accepted to the symposium.

STEP 1 - Register using this registration form. You also have the chance to declare interest/register for the COST Action specialized meeting (information found in the next section) by checking the corresponding checkbox. Please note that Nordita is not administering or managing any aspect of the COST Action meeting.

STEP 2 - Pay the conference fee here. There is a conference fee of 1800 SEK excluding VAT for all participants of the symposium, except for the invited speakers, that includes the following: 

  • 3 lunches at the campus restaurant
  • 5 coffee breaks
  • 1 reception
  • 1 conference dinner

Specialized Meeting

COST Action MD-Gas ( Working Group 1: New high-performance instrumentation and experimental methods - "Dynamics of molecules and clusters in cryogenic environments"

25 August 2022, Stockholm, Sweden

The focus of this specialized meeting will be technical achievements and challenges in the experimental study of gas-phase molecular dynamics, especially in cryogenic environments.

Sessions including presentations and panel discussions will be held on the following topics:

  • Particle detectors and detection schemes for cryogenic environments - Toshiyuki Azuma (RIKEN) chair
  • Action spectroscopy methods in cryogenic environments - Christine Joblin (Toulouse/CNRS) chair
  • Merged beams experiments in cryogenic environments - Andreas Wolf (MPIK) chair
The program is found here. 


All participants are invited to lunch in the restaurant "Proviant", which is located in the same building as the Lecture Hall.


We are happy to invite all participants to a dinner at Restaurant "Stora Skuggans Wärdshus"  at 19.00 on Tuesday August 23. The weather will be nice and we can walk there! You find it here.


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Organization of the meeting

This meeting is organized as a Nordita event.

Scientific Chair: Dag Hanstorp, University of Gothenburg
Co-chair: Henning Schmidt, Stockholm University
LOC: Suvasthika Indrajith, Mark Stockett, Henning Zettergren


Sponsored by

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Nordita The Nobel Foundation Wenner-Gren Foundation



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