Jun 8 – 15, 2022
Albano Building 2
Europe/Stockholm timezone


Stockholm University, Albano Campus, Stockholm, Sweden
Building 2

Lecture hall


The Wallenberg Initiative on Networks and Quantum Information (WINQ), supported by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg foundation (KAW), is located within the conducive research environment of Nordita. It is aimed at nurturing and bringing together expertise from both quantum information science and complex dynamical systems to address major open challenges in these fields. The set of three day workshops, strategically split into two halves, are aimed at addressing the major recent progresses in the respective fields, and discuss open challenges. The programme will include visionary talks, conventional seminars, short talks and posters.

The first workshop (8th - 10th of June) will emphasize quantum information science (QI). The major topics that will be covered include:

  • Design of novel quantum algorithms (inspired from machine learning and artificial intelligence, computationally hard problems)
  • Design of quantum co-processors (partnering with classical computers, quantum chemistry)
  • Use of special purpose “quantum simulators” & development of algorithms to calculate key aspects of quantum systems
  • Efficient coding of quantum information to enable detection and correction of errors
  • Quantum information sharing (viz., quantum internet, quantum cloud)

The second workshop (13th - 15th of June) is devoted to complex dynamical systems and networks (CDN). Major topics that will be covered include: 

  • High dimensional chaotic dynamical systems on networks & topology
  • Mathematical scaffolding of deep networks & influence on predictions
  • Fundamental understanding of spatiotemporal multiscale systems
  • Analysis of multiplex—multilayer networks as a sequence of graphs
  • Messy multivariate data
  • Networks as experiments (machine learning)

Confirmed particpants

Quantum Information and Quantum Processing (8th - 10th of June)
Annica Black-Schaffer
Paola Cappellaro
Yuao Chen
Jordan Cotler
Jens Eisert
Nicole Yunger Halpern
Pawel Horodecki
Göran Johansson
Nick Jones
Anders Karlhede
Shimon Kolkowitz
Wolfgang Lechner
Charles Marcus
Stellan Östlund
Jian-Wei Pan
Igor Pikovski
Jess Riedel
Asle Sudbø
Andrzej Syrwid
Frank Verstraete


Complex Dynamical Networks (13th - 15th of June)
Alex Arenas (tentative)
William Bialek
Ginestra Bianconi
Annica Black-Schaffer
George Cantwell
Jordan Cotler
Anna Delin
James Gleeson
Petter Holme
Pawel Horodecki
Nick Jones
Anders Karlhede
Christian Kuehn
Renaud Lambiotte
Valerio Lucarini
Cris Moore (tentative)
Leonie Neuhäuser
Stellan Östlund
Martin Rosvall
Raissa D'Souza (tentative)
Bernadette Stolz-Pretzer
Blair D. Sullivan
Dane Taylor
Johan Ugander
Yu Yian
Niccolo Zagli


If you'd like to participate in this event, please fill in the application form.You will be informed by the organizers shortly after the application deadline whether your application has been approved. Due to space restrictions, the total number of participants is strictly limited.

Invited participants are of course automatically approved, but need to register anyway.

Application deadline: May 22nd


Accommodation for invited participants will be arranged and paid for by Nordita. Nearby hotels for interested accepted applicants: 

Elite Hotel Arcadia

Time Hotel

Hotel Birger Jarl

International advisory board

Quantum Information and Quantum Processing
Scott Aaronson
Steve Girvin
Christiane Koch
Martin Leijnse
Val Zwiller


Complex Dynamical Networks
William Bialek
Thilo Gross
Jared Kaplan
Peter Mucha
Mason Porter



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