Dec 15 – 21, 2021
Europe/Stockholm timezone

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QMB 2022

Quantum matter and materials, like topological states, 2D materials, and Dirac and Weyl materials have grown to be an active area of modern condensed matter. Fascinating properties of quantum materials might lead to technological applications such as spintronics, quantum technologies and quantum sensors. The combination of new materials discoveries and development of new probes of quantum matter has helped shape these topics into an exciting area. Recent dynamic and pumped probe experiments reveal a strong promise of Dynamic Quantum Matter as a new research direction. We strive to measure, understand and predict transient correlations and coherences in quantum materials upon different driving conditions. Therefore, we introduce it as a new topic of this year’s quantum matter conference. We seek to have an active discussion on hidden, entangled and dynamic orders that emerge in quantum matter and the potential applications beyond it.

Main focus for this upcoming conference will be on the modeling and experimental observations of Quantum Matter and Beyond (QMB). Overall, the goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers to discuss and highlight emerging topics and develop ideas for future research.

Scope: Magnon superfluidity, Spin transport, Superconductivity, Correlated systems, Dark Matter and Quantum Sensors, Dynamics in Quantum Matter, Topological matter


  • Jason T. Haraldsen (University of  North Florida)
  • Alexander V. Balatsky (NORDITA and University of Connecticut)

Sponsored by:

University of North Florida


University of Connecticut


Hampton Inn Oceanfront in Jacksonville Beach, FL, USA