Dec 12 – 14, 2022
Albano Building 3
Europe/Stockholm timezone


The Vanishing & Appearing Sources during a Century of Observations (VASCO) project searches for unknown and rare transients by comparing images from the 1950s to images from the sky today. In particular we focus on previously detected objects no longer present in modern surveys. We are interested in finding both natural transients e.g. those being the result of the hypothetical failed supernovae (massive stars that collapse directly into black holes without emitting a bright supernova), unusually dimming Active Galactic Nuclei, but also objects that make good candidates for SETI follow-up observations. This workshop will plan a rendezvous between searches for extraterrestrial Intelligence and transient astronomy, in order to see how the two fields can most efficiently collaborate.

The workshop takes place at Nordita, 12 - 14th of December 2022. The workshop is an invite-only workshop with both in-person contributions and over Zoom, in order to stimulate interactions over five continents.


Scientific Organizing Committee

  • Beatriz Villarroel (Nordita)
  • Lars Mattsson (Nordita)
  • Hichem Guergouri (CERIST, Algeria)
  • Jamal Mimouni (CERIST, Algeria)
  • Kristiaan Pelckmans (Uppsala University)


Invited Speakers 

  • Andrew Siemion (Breakthrough Listen)

  • Claudio Grimaldi (EPFL, Switzerland)

  • Jamal Mimouni (University of Constantine)

  • Enrique Solano (Centro de Astrobiologia, Madrid)


Albano Building 3
Albano 3: 6335 - Hekto (10 seats)
Albanovägen 29
The call for abstracts is open
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