Sadra Jazayeri (Paris, Inst. Astrophys.), Cosmological Bootstrap in Slow Motion

AlbaNova A5:1041 - CoPS grupprum (AlbaNova Main Building)

AlbaNova A5:1041 - CoPS grupprum

AlbaNova Main Building


Inflation can be viewed as a natural "cosmological particle detector" which can probe energies as high as the expansion rate. In this talk, I study the imprints of heavy relativistic particles during inflation on primordial correlators in situations where the scalar fluctuations have a reduced speed of sound. Breaking dS boosts allows new types of footprints of massive fields to emerge. In particular, I show that heavy particles that are lighter than the Hubble scale divided by the speed of sound leave smoking gun imprints in the three-point function of curvature perturbations (due to the exchange of such fields) in the form of resonances in the squeezed limit which are vividly distinct from the previously explored signatures of heavy fields in de Sitter correlators. Throughout I use and extend the cosmological bootstrap techniques derived from locality, unitarity, and analyticity in order to find fully analytical formulae for the desired boost-breaking correlators. 

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