Franziska Porkert (Bonn), Feynman integrals & special geometries

Albano 3: 6228 - Mega (22 seats) (Albano Building 3)

Albano 3: 6228 - Mega (22 seats)

Albano Building 3


Abstract: Feynman integrals are used in many calculations in collider physics phenomenology and beyond. A standard approach for their computation is the method of differential equations and the result can be expressed as an expansion where the coefficients are iterated integrals. Often, one can relate a Feynman integral family to one or more special geometries. This talk gives a brief overview on how the most common (and some very special) geometries arise and can be used to compute more complicated Feynman integral families. The result of this computation often involves special functions related to the geometry, and understanding their properties better further simplifies the calculation. To illustrate this more general discussion, I will also mention specific examples of Feynman integral families that I have been working on in the past year.

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