Nov 2 – 29, 2009
Europe/Stockholm timezone

School Topics & Schedule

Lectures and Projects

          Week 1:
      Nov 2      Nov 3      Nov 4      Nov 5      Nov 6      Nov7
09.00 Num An 1 Num An 2 Num An 3 Num An 4 Mat Sci 3 Mat Sci 4
11.00 Chem/Bio 1 Chem/Bio 3 Mat Sci 1 Mat SCi 2 Num An 5 Chem/Bio 8
15.00 Chem/Bio 2 Chem/Bio 4 Nano 3 Chem/Bio 6 Chem/Bio 7 Posters
17.00 Nano 1 Nano 2 Chem/Bio 5

Week 2:
Nov 9 Nov 10 Nov 11 Nov 12 Nov 13
09.00-13.00 Projects Projects Projects Projects Projects
14.00-15.00 Projects

All lectures are held in room FB53 at Alba Nova (level 5 in main building).

Chem/Bio Lectures

Molecular dynamics (BS)
2. Quantum Classical Methods (KM)
Dissipative particle dynamics simulations: the basics (ZL)
4. QMMM for chemical reaction rates and electro-magnetic properties (KM)
Dissipative particle dynamics simulations: mapping onto atomistic models (ZL)
Extending Length and Time Scales (BS)
7. Parallel computing (BS)
8. Theoretical Approaches for Aerosol particles, Bionano-Optics and Carbon-Nanotubes. (KM)

Numerical Analysis Lectures

1. Transition path theory (TPT) for metastable systems,  Asymptotic expansion based on TPT (EVE)
2.  Markov Processes and Transfer operator, Molecular Dynamics (MD) and Markov State Models (MSM) (CS)
Approximation Properties of MSMs (CS), Methods for pathways calculations (EVE)
4. Asymptotic expansion based on TPT, Methods for pathways calculations (EVE)
5. Statistical Estimation of MSMs based on MD  trajectories,  TPT and Protein Folding (CS)

Nano Science Lectures

1. Light-matter interaction in nanostructures (YF)
2. Finite difference time-domain simulations of  excitons, plasmons and polaritons
3. Quantum mechanics for quantum nanoparticles (YF)

Materials Science Lectures

1. Embedding  quantum mechanical systems in classical environments (TW)
2. Ensembles, free energy calculations, and phase diagrams (MD)
3. Crystal structure of colloids and nanoparticles
4. Spin-dynamics, from electronic structure to magnetisation dynamics of
    nano-scale objects (OE)

KM =  Kurt Mikkelsen
ZL = Zongyuan Lu
BS = Bill Smith
CS = Christof Schuette
EVE = Eric van den Eijnden
YF = Ying Fu

TW = Tomasz  Wesolowski
MD = Marjolein Dijkstra
OE = Olle Eriksson

Slides (PDF)

Bill Smith "Molecular Dynamics 1"
Bill Smith "Molecular Dynamics 2"
Bill Smith "Parallel Molecular Dynamics 1"
Bill Smith "Parallel Molecular Dynamics 2"
Bill Smith "An Introduction to Mesoscale Simulation"
Bill Smith "Hyperdynamics and Metadynamics"

Christof Schütte "Molecular Dynamics and Transfer Operators"
Christof Schütte "Discretization of Transfer Operators and Markov State Models"