November 1, 2010 to December 10, 2010
Europe/Stockholm timezone


Nordita, Stockholm, Sweden

This program is co-sponsored by the NordForsk researcher network "Random Geometry".


The concept of Random Geometry covers a variety of techniques and methods applicable for the description of stochastic behaviour of geometric objects ranging from graphs and networks to abstract or embedded continuous manifolds. Such objects are encountered in a variety of physical, chemical and biological systems as well as in computer science and mathematics, and even in social sciences, and their description may furnish a unifying link between seemingly disparate branches of science. These include the physics of interfaces in statistical mechanical systems, polymer and membrane physics, the theory of propagating strings relevant in high energy physics, the functional integral approach to quantum gravity, the description of gene regulatory networks as well as of computer networks and their use in the design of algorithms, and also random graphs and random maps with important applications in physics, combinatorics and probability theory.

The goal of this program is to bring together leading researchers in random geometry and related fields that represent a broad selection of the topics previously mentioned. It is our hope to create an environment of intensive research and mutual interaction between workers in the field across the traditional subject borders, and at the same time providing young researchers from the Nordic countries with an ideal opportunity to enter a field of research that covers a rich variety of appropriate research topics.

As the program extends over a short period of time and the goal is to traverse subject borders we do not plan to allocate particular themes for certain periods. On the other hand, participants that are not able to spend the whole period in Stockholm will be given the opportunity to coordinate their stay with others.



Two workshops and a mini-conference are planned to take place during the program period:

November 1-3WorkshopRandom Graphs and Networks in Mathematics and Physics
November 22-24ConferenceApplications of Random Graphs and Extreme Value Statistics
December 6-7WorkshopRandom Trees, Polymers and Networks in Biology

We expect to host around the maximal possible number of 20-25 participants at any time during the program period. A link to apply for participation can be found in the menu at the left. Nordita has reserved about 25 apartments for program participants. (This is the preferred mode of accommodation for the workshop participants.) See the menu item Nordita apartments for more information about the accommodation. You are cordially invited to apply for participation in the program, and we ask you to inform your co-workers and colleagues about the program.

  • Bergfinnur Durhuus
  • Zdzislaw Burda