May 25 – 28, 2011
Hotel Arkipelag, Mariehamn, Finland
Europe/Stockholm timezone


The meeting was held May 25-28 2011 in Mariehamn, Finland. A list of participants and the final program can be found following the links to the left of the screen.

Background to the field

This workshop intended to bring together scientists interested in the self-assembly of DNA nanostructures. DNA origami uses the specific Watson-Crick base-pairing between complementary nucleic acids on many different short strands which in solution self-assemble to large complex yet programmable shapes. They hold promise for providing a versatile "toolbox" to engineer and manufacture complex nano-machinery with manifold applications in biotechnology and nanoelectronics.

The workshop aim was to cross-fertilize experimental approaches to DNA origami and other examples of DNA self-assembly with computational methods used to design and predict specific origami structures. Potential applications of such DNA self-assembling into pre-determined shapes were also discussed. Additionally, the workshop covered some more general aspects of the physics of DNA.

The venue was Hotel Arkipelag in downtown Mariehamn, the capital of the province of Åland, Finland. The Åland archipelago, lying between Sweden and mainland Finland, is easily reachable by ferry from Stockholm (Sweden), from Turku (Finland), and from Helsinki (Finland). In addition, there are flights from Sweden and Finland.

The meeting was generously supported by NORDITA, The Swedish Science Research Council, the National Graduate School in Materials Physics (Finland) NGSMP, the National Graduate School in Computational Sciences (Finland) FICS, and the Center for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (Sweden) CIAM. <par>

Main sponsors:

Nordita Swedish Research Council

Hotel Arkipelag, Mariehamn, Finland